Peer Endorsement

I endorse this lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and thorough in his approach to matters. I would highly recommend Julius Staev for any real estate or litigation matter.

Brian R. Arnold, Littigatoin Attorney, Dallas, Texas

Peer Endoresment

I’ve practiced law for over 30 years and know a good lawyer when I encounter one. Julius is impressive in his skill, courage and persistence. In the case of City of Dallas v Stewart, Julius knew that his client was right. I saw Julius take on the City of Dallas, go to trial and win. Then take on the city again in the Court of Appeals and win again. Then face off in the Texas Supreme Court against the City of Dallas and other major cities who piled on, afraid of the law that Julius was about to make. Julius won again, making new law and settling the issues once and for all. It took a year or two. Skill, courage and persistence. Julius is a winner.


Paul W. Tipton, Litigation Attorney in Dallas

I know there are a lot of attorneys in Dallas and I don’t have much experience with too many of them but I have had 6 or 8 lawyers in my lifetime due to my small business.

Julius has been by far the best legal experience I’ve had. He was always concise to keep my bill under control and yet very proactive in filings and negotiations to make sure we were ahead, on top, and winning.

While our case was very complicated I came out roughly $50K ahead on my legal dispute and his excellent tactics, knowledge and people skills are the reason.

I’m very proud to know him and to recommend him to anyone needing quality legal care.

This is a person you can trust.


Dave, http://avvo.com

Referred Mr. Staev to a client who needed assistance with a business dispute. He is a very knowledgeable, responsive and professional attorney. With the help of Mr. Staev, my client had a favorable outcome. I will continue to refer him to all of my clients who need a excellent business attorney.

Darla Gray, Accountant